Pericomp Solutions ventured into the cabling business in 1987. By focusing on its strengths, customers and values. Pericomp Solutions paved the way to become the market leader in Singapore, employing more than 40 engineers and technicians.

All our engineers are certified with merits by well-established manufacturers as installers of their structured cabling systems. We are also able to design & certify fiber optic cabling.

In short, we have a team able to design and install all types of cabling systems.

Over the years we develop expertises to provide customers with completely detailed solutions to their networking requirements by selecting and implementing to the whole cabling system and assure it is capable to perform at it’s level best.

We always trained and kept our staffs informed of any new technology as we have been attending seminars, talks and training following the latest technology of the computer world.

We are happy to help you plan your organizations computer and communication cabling plan.

Pericomp is one-stop shop solution for network professional, system vendors & end users of medium to large organizations giving them end to end solutions with hassle-free installation.

Design Methodology - Structured Cabling System (SCS)

The design methodology approach of the Structured cabling system infrastructure and cabling management shall be based on the scalability, flexible and resilient for the new office environment as well as to cater for future and millennium requirements.

Developing The Structured Cabling System (SCS)

Pericomp methodology approach of designing, developing and implementing this system shall be based on the following points:

  • Ability to grow, reconfigure and maintain within the User’s networking environment
  • Universal multi-vendor capability
  • Good capital investment
  • Low maintenance and service
  • Flexibility, so it can be easily reconfigured in non-disruptive manner

The network infrastructure has been carefully designed, taking the logical network into consideration:

  • Different types of data communication services
  • Network performance requirements
  • Active Network hardware
  • Bandwidth requirement
  • Redundant routing

Design Approach and Solution:

Pericomp shall offer a complete SCS service with each product solution which includes the design, installation, testing and certification of the system. These design solutions shall be based upon an ‘Open Architecture’ platform, allowing for maximum connectivity with future products.


The key to these highly integrated projects is ‘Co-ordination & Project Management’.
Team work and our specialists delivering the sub system components. We have a disciplined and well-managed team to ensure your project timeline is met.

With our long years of experience in SCS and large-scale projects, Pericomp is the most ‘suitable’ candidate to provide and ensure the smooth integration, overall configuration and co-ordination of the complete SCS.

Taking as partner in this proposed Tender, we are confident that Pericomp can provide ‘the state of art’ to SCS that fully meets your requirements.

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