“We aim to be the first choice installer of structured cabling systems meeting standards worldwide for the telecommunication industries.”

“We look to achieve world class quality and customer service through teamwork and constant improvement of our products and people.”

“While customer satisfaction is the key measure of our success, we also strive to
meet the expectations of our employees.”

About Us

The birth of integrating both cabling expert with automation & security professional was marked by a systematic approach to the realistic fulfillment of the customers' needs; and integrates two of the most important aspects of systems solutions:- 1) security product specialization and 2) Full structure cabling techniques and know how.

The integration of these two aspects was not by chance but a strong and dedicated commitment at delivering turn-key solutions which are realistic and fulfills its purpose. We firmly believe that structure cabling / security solutions are not just solely about implementing the latest state-of-the-art products. In fact, security solutions are simply part of building and property management, and without the knowledge of the latter, there is simply no way where a complete solution can be achieved without the fundamental of cabling.

The founding members pride themselves in their capability in providing systems solutions which goes through a reverse process of first understanding the customers' requirements followed by the stringent selection of the appropriate products. We strongly motivated in being both cost-efficient and effective, and strongly believe that it can only be accomplished through such integration:- Cost-Efficiency achieved through implementation of the products at the most competitive prices (product specialization), and Effectiveness achieved through the realistic evaluation of the overall cabling quality cost to fulfill the required objective (cabling specialist).

It is an immutable law in the business world that words are words, explanations are explanations, promises are promises but only "Performance is Reality"; and such is the core value that safeguards the company's quality service and supports its relentless efforts in being the leading cable expert & building and security systems solutions integrator.

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